About Jarmans Craft Coffee

Jarmans Craft Coffee was founded by Jamie Jarman, through his love for craft coffee, beer, and whiskey. A home roaster for several years, Jamie would always roast for friends and family, and he became known as “the coffee guy”. When the Jarman's would host parties, friends and family would come expecting to be served freshly roasted coffee in a variety of brew methods.

Through the years, Jamie also started to dive into the craft beer and craft spirit community. Like his love for sharing coffee, he started to have people over to experience and share craft beer and spirits. Friends, and sometimes total strangers, would gather together and taste, compare, and connect over something as simple as craft drinks.

Believing that life is best experienced connected with others, Jamie loved the idea of connection and sharing these experiences with others. For him, Craft Coffee lead him into the craft beer community, and that in turn lead him to be interested in the whiskey community… and he thought it would be fun to combine all three crafts into one, which brought about Jarman's Craft Coffee.

Jamie is a big believer in community, and when not with family or working, you’ll usually find him bonding with others over a coffee, craft beer, or whiskey.