Costa Rica Tarrazu Combo Pack (Glen Grant Scotch Barrel + Original)

Costa Rica Tarrazu Combo Pack (Glen Grant Scotch Barrel + Original)

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This is a combination pack including both the original (12 oz whole bean) and the barrel aged Costa Rica Tarrazu (12 oz whole bean). 

  *no alcohol is included with this combination pack.

The coffee - Costa Ricardo Tarrazu Hot Springs

Roast: Medium


About the region and process

This coffee takes its name from a unique processing method that uses mineral-rich, volcanic spring water. This Tarrazú coffee starts with hand-picked cherries at the peak of ripeness. The cherries are delivered to the San Diego wet mill where they undergo a patented fermentation process with volcanic mineral water.

During the fermentation process, the thermal spring water and wet parchment interact in a unique symbiosis. The hot water accelerates and enhances the mucilage removal resulting in a superior cup clarity. Additionally, the natural minerals present in the spring water get absorbed by the coffee bean.

When roasted, the minerals and natural acids from the coffee create a wonderful and complex cup filled with the fruity flavors and spicy notes of pepper and black currant.

About the barrel

The barrel chosen is a 53 gallon barrel from The Glen Grant distillery in Rothes Speyside. This barrel likely aged one of their 10 or 12 year single malt scotch whiskies. Both are light and fruity with notes of apple pie, caramel, vanilla and subtle spice.

 After a considerable amount of time aging scotch, this barrel found its way to Goldwater Brewing in scottsdale, AZ. The brewery, known for a quality barrel program, then aged a Wee heavy beer inside the barrel for several months.

*no alcohol is included with this combination pack. 

 Quick note on ordering

When ordering, you will have the option of having the set shipped to you through Priority Mail with the USPS or you can choose to pick up at Adventurous Stills (Tempe, AZ) on The weekend after your order is placed, during their normal operating hours.

We typically roast our coffee to order, within 1-3 days after the order is received. Pick up orders placed by Wednesday at 5pm AZ, will be ready for pick up the Friday of that week. 

If you choose the shipping option, the coffee will be shipped within one day of roasting. If you choose the pick up option, the coffee will be roasted no earlier that 3 days prior to the pick up window! This means, that you will receive the coffee right as it reaches its peak drink-ability (3-7 days from roasting).